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Opaque, Translucent Fiberglass Wall Panels & Sheets

Translucent wall panels let light in but keep curiosity seekers out!

Ideal for warehouses and industrial buildings

  • Shatterproof and impact resistant translucent reinforced fiberglass building panels
  • Available in various colors, in both flat and corrugated shapes and
    depending upon the shape can nest with existing metal building panels.
  • No need of to replace individual panes of broken glass!
  • Can be used to protect exposed open wall areas from the weather
  • Opaque and translucent fiberglass wall panels are corrosive resistant and have UV
    inhibitors for longevity.

Reinforced fiberglass exterior wall panels may be used for:

  • exterior siding
  • building sheds and containment structures
  • carports
  • car washes
  • cooling towers and louvers
  • dock shelters
  • transiite asbestos panel replacement
  • building monitors
  • side skylights
  • privacy fence coverings.

Interior applications

Translucent panels provide decorative interior partition walls providing various affects such as a shoji screen look, illuminated walls or as a light diffuser. Panels may also be used for creative furniture designs or as a counter protection.

Mar, corrosive, mildew, impact and scuff resistant, opaque fiberglass interior wall panels provide a perfect barrier for many applications including sanitary wall coverings in bathrooms and kitchen areas, car and truck wash wall liners, agricultural buildings including dairy barns and livestock walls , refrigeration rooms, wainscoting and scuff liners to protect the inside of truck walls and buildings.


Transluscent fiberglass soffit and wall panels
Translucent fiberglass soffit and wall panels

Corrosive resistant fiberglass panel mechanical containment shed

covering old windows with translucent fiberglass panels

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